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Health License

1. Application fee & format of application for issuing trade licences to restaurants, hotels, banquet halls etc.

  1. Application for General Industries
  2. Application for Health
  3. For Fee: Refer to attachment here

2. Documents required to be submitted along with the application

Required Documents for N.O.C. Trade Licence from G.M.C.

  1. Building permission N.OO.C, As Commercial Purpose.
  2. Approved Building Drawing.
  3. Occupancy Certificate from appropriate Authority.
  4. Site plan of the premise.
  5. Upto-date G.M.C Holding Tax clearance(Commercial) .
  6. An agreement with N.G.O./B.M.W. Management.
  7. An agreement with house owner if it is rented premise.
  8. N.O.C. from D.C.P. (Traffic).
  9. Fire N.O.C. from State Fire Service.

3. Fees for issuing a license :
There are various categories of fee based on the type of business carried out. Details mentioned as follows:

4. Validity period of a license :
One(1) Year . To be renewed on or before each financial year.

5. How to get a license renewed and associated charges? :
Can be renewed by paying the fee for renewal (application fee + License fee) at the respective Health Branch under GMC. Refer to Document

6. Late fee for a license renewal : 20 % of the license fee

7. How/whom to complain against a business without a license? : Complains can be directly addressed to Commissioner G.M.C.

8. How to get a duplicate license in case of loss or tempering and associated charges? :
Duplicate license can be obtained by submitting an application addressed to the License Officer, Health Branch at the respective branch along with F.I.R Copy from police and a copy or proof of the old trade license.