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There are various places of tourist interest in and around Guwahati. Some of them are listed below :

Kamakhya Temple
This temple of Goddess Kamakhya is the greatest shrine of tantric Shaktism which finds mention in the inscription of the Allahabad pillar of Samudragupta.This temple is situated on the top of Nilachal Hills about 8 Km. away from the Guwahati railway station.
Srimanta Sankardeva Kalakshetra
The Srimanta Sankardeva Kalakshetra is an art and cultural complex, named after the greatest Vaishnava Saint and integrator of the Assamese society Srimanta Sankardeva. It houses a Central Museum where cultural objects and day-to-day articles used by different ethnic groups have been preserved and exhibited.
There is also an open air theatre with 2000 capacity to hold folk festivals and to present traditional dances and dramas. The Kalakshetra is chosen as the venue for many cultural activities.
Poorva Tirupathi (Balaji Temple)
This replica of Lord Venketeshwara temple of Tirupathi is popularly known as Balaji temple. Visitors from all walks of life flock to the temple to pay their respects and to relax in its tranquil surroundings.
Nabagraha Temple
The temple of nine planets situated on Chitra Chal Hill in Guwahati. It is 3 km away from the Railway Station.
In ancient times, it was said to have been a great centre of study of astronomy and astrology. This is also one of the reasons why Guwahati is referred to as Pragjyotishpur or the city of eastern Astrology.
Umananda Temple
This Shiva temple situated on an island in the middle of the Brahmaputra in Guwahati attracts devotees from all over the country during Shiva Ratri.
One can visit the temple by crossing the river by country boat plying from Kachari ghat. Regular ferry services are also available to this island.
State Museum
Assam State Museum is 10 minutes walk from the Railway Station.
Opening hours: 10:00 – 17:00 hrs. during Summer 10:00 – 16:30 hrs. during Winter (Monday closed).
State Zoo-cum-Botanical Garden
Situated 5 Kms. from the Guwahati Railway Station. Opening hours: 07:00 hrs. – 17:00 hrs. in Summer 08:00 hrs. – 16:30 hrs. in Winter (Friday closed)
Nehru Park
The Nehru Park is a public park situated at the heart of the Guwahati city right opposite to the famous Cotton College at Panbazar area of Guwahati. The park is one of the major tourist attractions in Guwahati, named after the Prime Minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru. The area of the park initially belonged to an age old church but later on the Assam government took over the park. There was also a graveyard in the campus of the park which was later removed by the government.
Nehru Park is located in an age old institutional area of the Guwahati city with a number of reputed colleges located nearby. Right opposite to the park is the prestigious age old Cotton College, built during the British rule in India.
Gandhi Mandap
It is a temple like structure constructed in memory of “Father of the Nation” Mohandass Karamchand Gandhi, on the hill top of Sarania Hill, Guwahati. Well just as Hong Kong has its hill top tower which one can access with the grand old British trainway, this is one of Guwahati’s vintage point with vehicle access only .
What we need is the place to be turned into a tourist spot with ropeway connection, shops, and required facilities. It can be developed as a good museum too.
Regional Science Centre
in Assam. It is a science museum which caters to the need of scientific inquiries of the children.The Regional Science centre situated at Khanapara in Kamrup district was established in 1994 with the aim to educate children regarding the impact of science and technology.
Guwahati Planetarium
Situated at the heart of the city in Guwahati, the Guwahati Planetarium is an important center of astronomical studies and scientific research. The Guwahati planetarium is an endeavor to cater to the scientific needs of the students and children. The Planetarium is an unrivaled one as it is the only planetarium in Assam and the entire North-East India. The Guwahati Planetarium is an advanced and well equipped planetarium. The planetarium is located in MG road near the Guwahati High Court in Guwahati.
Sunset and daytime cruises on the Brahmaputra are available which give you an opportunity to take in the breathtaking beauty of Assam. There are a number of floating restaurants on the river.
The Saraighat Bridge over the Brahmaputra, Sarddhanjali Kanan, Guwahati Oil Refinery, Lachit Barphukan Park and Guwahati University are other places worth visiting.