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Building Permission

    1. Application form available with GMDA and as per New Bye Laws GMDA will forward the application to GMC once GMDA’s part of approval is done.
    2. Documents along with application form need to be submitted in GMDA.
    3. Application Fee need to be submitted in GMDA.
    4. Processing Fee need to be submitted in GMDA.
    5. Fees for issuing NOC:
a) For Residential
Assam type with bamboo wall – Rs. 0.50 /m2
Assam type with brick wall – Rs. 1 /m2
RCC type (Ground Floor) – Rs. 10 /m2
RCC type (Upper Floors) – Rs. 12 /m2
b) For Apartment
Ground Floor – Rs. 20 /m2
Upper Floors – Rs. 24 /m2
c) For Commercial
Ground Floor – Rs. 40 /m2
Upper Floors – Rs. 48 /m2
d) For Industrial
Ground Floor – Rs. 80 /m2
Upper Floors – Rs. 96 /m2
  1. Citizen needs to submit an application to get a duplicate NOC. They need to provide their name and address and if present old NOC Reference number in the application.
  2. They can file a complaint against illegal construction addressing to the Commissioner of GMC.