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Water Supply

1) Format of the Application form(s) to get a water connection, disconnect existing connection and transfer of existing connection

Sample application forms are available in the Download Application Forms section of the website.

2) Documents required to be submitted along with the application :

Holding Details and Up to date tax paid receipt

3) Associated fees for a connection, disconnection and transfer

  1. For new connection and temporary connection fees is based on the Estimate : Refer Estimate_for_new_water_connection.docx
  2. Temporary Connection related attachments : Refer Temporary connection related attachments.docx
  3. No fees for disconnection

4) Water tariff per connection : Minimum Charge is Rs. 140 per Month

5) How/whom to approach to get a connection repaired : An application addressed to the Superintendent Engineer

6) Fees for repairing a connection :

Fees is calculated on the basis of an Estimate. Refer to attachment : Repairing_Estimate_Sample_Copy.jpg

7) How/whom to complain against an illegal connection
Complaints on illegal connection can be addressed to the Chief Engineer, Water Works Branch, GMC

8) Different capacities of water tankers available for service and their respective charges: Tankers_Capacity.jpg

9) How to get the service of a water tanker ? :

Public can directly contact. Office of the Chief Engineer, GMC Water Supply Branch, Panbazar – 1