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SMV Licence

  1. Application fee & format of the Application form to get an SMV License :
    1. SMV Owner fee: Rs. 30/-
    2. SMV Puller fee: Rs. 90/-
  2. Documents to be submitted with application form :
    1. SMV (Owner) : Address Proof
    2. SMV (Puller) : i) Police Report    ii) Gaon Burha Certificate    iii) Voter ID Card
  3. Fees associated with the issue of a License :
    SMV (Owner) : Rickshaw License fee : Rs. 100/-
    Thela License fee : Rs. 200/-,
    Ice Cream (or van vehicle) license fee : Rs. 130/-
    SMV (Puller) : No
  4. Validity period of a license :
    Valid for 1 Financial year.
  5. How to get a license renewed and associated fee :
    Submission of the old license to the concerned GMC office (SMV). Associated fee is Rs. 100/-
  6. Late fee for a license renewal :
    No. the license gets cancelled in case of owner
    Rs. 25/- per year in case of puller
  7. Rate of taxes on different types of SMVs : NA
  8. How/whom to complain against an SMV without a license :
    Complaints against an SMV without license can be addressed to the Commissioner, GMC
  9. How to get a duplicate license in case of loss or tempering and associated charges :
    Citizen need to submit an application in the GMC office addressing to the DC of the concerned zone.
    Duplicate License fees is Rs. 15/-