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Vehicle Parking

1. List of proposed parking places under GMC for the year 2015-16
(For 12 Months w.e.f. 01.04.2015 to 31.03.2016) :

Sl. No. Name of Road Name of Parking Place Distance (Approx) (Meters)
1 G.S. Road From Sixmile flyover landing (Dispur side) (Kamrup Auto Electric House) to opp. Point Kanak Lata Path (West side) (Angular Parking) 176
2 G.S. Road From Kanak Lata Path to Reebok show room (East side) (Angular Parking) 145
3 G.S. Road From Durgaram Das Complex (Hitech Motors) to Ajoy Hotel (West side) (Angular Parking) 80
4 G.S. Road From Marble Plaza to Pragati Complex (West side) (Angular Parking) 130
5 G.S. Road From Pantaloons entrance point to UCO Bank (excluding City Bus Stop) (East side) (Angular Parking) 280
6 G.S. Road From Baker’s Special to Sangam Steel Hardware (near Hanu Boro Point) (West side) (Angular Parking) 80
7 G.S. Road From Build Worth Pvt. Ltd. To News Live (West side) (Angular Parking) 147
8 G.S. Road From Pragati Manor to Wills Life Style (West side) (Parallel Parking) 140
9 G.S. Road Guwahati Sanitary to Silver Square (West side) (Parallel Parking) 160
10 G.S. Road From Sri Mangala (Santosh Store) to Dona Planet (West side) (Angular Parking) 275
11 G.S. Road From Times of India Office to Saharia’s Path Lab (Both side) (Angular Parking) 60
12 G.S. Road From Dihang Arcade to Orion Palace (East side) (Angular Parking) 225
13 G.S. Road From Panasonic (near Srinagar point) to Marble Plaza (near Hanu Boro Point) (East side) (Angular Parking) 235
14 G.S. Road From Krishi Bhawan to Opp. Point Aasha Bora Foundation (East side) (Angular Parking) 630
15 G.S. Road From Bhat Ghar to Assam Valley (West side) (one side) (Angular Parking) 42
16 B.Baruah Road From Lenovo (SBI ATM) to Das Photostat (South side) (Parallel Parking) 296
17 R.P. Road From the point, Opp. To Gopal Boro School Entrance to the point Opp. To Delta Publicity (one side) (Parallel Parking) 207
18 R.P. Road From In Fashion to Life Line Medicos (East side) (Angular Parking) 97
19 Panjabari Road From Flyover landing (50 mtrs. Ahead from landing point) to Kalakshetra (East side) (Angular Parking) 415
20 Hengrabari Road From NCD College to Director of Health Service Office (one side along the footpath) (Parallel Parking) 155
21 R.G. Baruah Road From Dainik Janambhumi to Srinagar Path Junction (both side) (Parallel Parking) 800
22 R.G. Baruah Road From Apurba Sinha Path to Tanz Super Market Store (West side) (Angular Parking) 180
23 R.G. Baruah Road From Bharalupool to State Zoo (East side) (Angular Parking) 81
24 GNB Road From AGP Office to Press Club (South side) (Parallel Parking) 160
25 GNB Road From Preets Wine Shop to Dirang Arcade Chandmari Colony (South side) (Parallel Parking) 150
26 GNB Road From R.S. Trading (Rohini Apartment) to Paradise Hotel (South side) (Parallel Parking) 210
27 GNB Road From Paradise Hotel to Guwahati Sadhu ghar (South side) (Parallel Parking) 84
28 GNB Road From Abhishek Motors to Archie’s Gallery (South side) (Parallel Parking) 141
29 GNB Road From Sri Guru Furniture Opp. State bank of India to Axis Bank near Lakhi Service (South side) (Parallel Parking) 90
30 GNB Road From Guwahati Bakery to State Bank of India (North side) (Parallel Parking) 120
31 GNB Road From First Medicos (Silpukhuri) to Aparna Homeo Hall (North side) (Parallel Parking) 50
32 GNB Road From Talukdar & Sons to The Dhaba (North side) (Parallel Parking) 90
33 DG Road From Kiran Transport to Luitmukh (South side) (Angular Parking) 97
34 DG Road From Jalukbari No. 1 Jamma Maszid to Saraighat Petrol Pump (excluding Maszid area) (South side) (Angular Parking) 250
35 DG Road From Nilachal Point to GRP Gate, Boripara (North Side) (Angular Parking) 200
36 DG Road From Saraighta Hyundai to GRP Gate, Boripara (North side) (Angular Parking) 330
37 DG Road From Subha Laxmi (Maligaon Chariali) to Laxmi Sadan (North side) (Parallel Parking) 900
38 DG Road From Subha Laxmi (Maligaon Chariali) to Pragjyoti Cinema Hall (South side) (Parallel Parking) 450
39 DG Road From Scholar’s HUB (near Kamakhya rotary) to Bhuthnath (North side) (Parallel Parking) 630
40 DG Road From the point Opp. of Scholar’s HUB to Durgasarobar Point (South side) (Parallel Parking) 210
41 Pandu Port Road (Bara Bazar Area) From Sarkar Jewellery to Pandu College (Both side) (Parallel Parking) 455
42 KRB Road One side of the road (in rotation) (Parallel Parking) 250
43 TRP Road From Kaliram Baruah Junction to Machkhowa Police Point (in rotation) (Parallel Parking) 350
44 BR Phukan Road One side of the road (in rotation) (Parallel Parking) 353
45 S.J. Road From Vision Hospital to Shiva Mandir (one side) (in rotation) (Parallel Parking) 78
46 S.J. Road From Gaushala (K.C. Das Road junction) to Chabipool Tinali (West side) (Angular Parking) 240
47 S.J. Road From Chabipool Tinali to Sarabbhati Tinali (West side) (Parallel Parking) 344
48 A.T. Road From Gate No. 6 to Bharalumukh Point (in rotation) (Parallel Parking) 288
49 A.T. Road From Col. J.Ali Road junction (near Police Reserve entrance) to Vishwaratna Hotel (Police Reserve side) (Parallel Parking) 210
50 HB Road From GMDA underground parking point to Sessions Court building entrance (Cotton College Hostel side) (Parallel Parking) (West side) 72
51 Cotton Collegiate School Road From MG Road junction to CTO point (West side parking) (Angular Parking) 136
52 HB Road From Cotton Collegiate School road junction (Opp. BSNL office to Panbazar Police Point) (South side) (Angular Parking) 59
53 HB Road From Panbazar Police Point to City Pharmacy junction (South side) (Angular Parking) 150
54 HB Road From Baptist Church to Dr. J.C. Das Road junction (Baptist Church side) (Angular Parking) 90
55 HB Road From Kedar Road junction to ASTC Gate junction (one side) (Angular Parking) 100
56 Dr. J.C. Das Road From MG Road junction to HB Road junction (one side) (Parallel Parking) 180
57 Jaswant Road MG Road junction to Saraswati Road junction (one side) (Parallel Parking) 186
58 SC Goswami Road MG Road junction to Harisabha (one side) (Parallel Parking) 200
59 Col. J. Ali Road Harisabha to S.S. Road junction (one side) (Parallel Parking) 165
60 S.S. Road From R.D. Store to Col. J. Ali Road junction (West side) (Parallel Parking) 200
61 Danish Road From Central Police Hospital entrance to S.S. Road junction (one side) (Parallel Parking) 175
62 ARB Road From Commissioner’s Point to Don Bosco School (one side) (Angular Parking) 255
63 Express Highway From Union Bank to IDBI Bank (East side) (Parallel Parking) 87
64 Beltola Basistha Road From Central Nursing Home, (Survey) to Beltola Chariali (both side) (Parallel Parking) 460
65 Beltola Basistha Road From point Opp. Sankar Dev Netralaya Old Office to AG Office junction (East side) and from Old Netralaya Point to Case Construction (West side) (Angular Parking) 350
66 Narengi Road From the point Opp. Thakuria’s Novelty to EG Nursing Home (North side) (Parallel Parking) 230
67 Narengi Road From Thakuria’s Novelty to Sunny Steel (South side) (Parallel Parking) 207
68 MRD Road Niharika Medico’s to Shiva Mandir (Last Gate), New Guwahati (South side) (Angular Parking) 110
69 MRD Road From edge of the divider point to MSME Development Centre (Bamunimaidam) (one side) (Parallel Parking) 85
70 A.K. Azad Road Near Chief Conservator Forest Office to Rehabari Namghar (one side) (Angular Parking) 250
71 A.K. Azad Road From Freezing Centre / Joy Kamakhya Furniture to Uma Motors (Both side) (Parallel Parking) 221
72 B.K. Kakati Road From Janata Electricals (near Ulubari Flyover) to SBI ATM (SBI side) Kacharibasti point. (Angular Parking) 105

2. Rates of Car Parking

Sl. No. Parking Hours Parking of Scooter / Motor Cycle (2 wheeler) Parking of Car / Van (3 / 4 Wheeler) Truck (only 4 wheeler etc.)
1 For first two hours Rs. 5/- Rs. 10/- Rs. 20/-
2 For every subsequent hour (After first two hours) Rs. 5/ Rs. 10/- Rs. 20/-

3. How or whom to complain against illegal parking fee collection:

Complaints can be directly addressed to Commissioner G.M.C.