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1. Format of the Application form to get a mutation certificate :

Application for mutation can be addressed to the Commissioner GMC in plain paper which will be through the Deputy Commissioner of the concerned zone of GMC.

2. Documents required to be submitted with the application form

  • a) Property tax payment up-to-date receipt
  • b) Information of Garbage Solid Waste from concerned N.G.O
  • c) Related documents of the concerned parties willing to undergo mutation

3. Fees for issuing a mutation certificate :

Rs. 100 /- (One Hundred Rupees) Money Receipt

4. How to get a duplicate mutation certificate in case of loss or tempering and associated charges?

Duplicate Mutation certificate can be obtained by addressing an application to the Commissioner GMC and providing the Case Number of the Mutation with payment of Rs. 100 /- (One Hundred Rupees) Money Receipt at the Mutation Branch of GMC.